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Shakespeare at its most accessible! This company was originally formed to provide an evening of highly entertaining Shakespeare readings to the hospitality community, available for parties, conferences, fundraising evenings, restaurants and so on, anywhere in the UK. We also present full scale rehearsed readings of the entire canon of The bard's plays, with the ocassional fully-mounted productions over the next ten years.We specialise in making "Shakespeare from Scratch" days where a cast simply register, turn up. and after a days intensive rehearsal, perform a full length play to invited audiences. We have done this in Schools, prisons and arts centres throughout the UK. Oir fees ( where charged) reflect the number of trained mentor / actors we bring and the distance travelled. We can advise on sources of funding if required.

We can organise Shakespeare-themed dinner evenings, providing a cabaret environment. The whole cabaret lasts up to one hour and a half, or can be as short and sharp as necessary. It is divided into sections as required to fit in with the dinner service and aftermath. Guest participation is an important part. We can also provide the complete package with decor and catering as required. As for pricing and so on, contact us

The cabaret: the professional actors we use mingle unobstrusively with the guests until on a given signal the readings begin. Using between three and twelve actors, we mix romance , tragedy, comedy and - on Shakespeare's birthday for example - a bit of Bard biography. Where space and circumstances permit we do a swordplay scene from "Romeo and Juliet" or "Hamlet", the watch scene from "Much Ado" and an amazing punk fairy jazz song from "A Midsummer Nights Dream". There are sonnets, monologues both tragic and comic, wry comments on Shakespeare from Bernard Levin's writings and a comedy music hall pastiche called "The Night I Appeared as Macbeth". How about Pyramus and Thisbe at your wedding?

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